How to Use Our Forex Signals?

Forex signals are online trading alerts which give the current market details concerning trading possibilities on the major currency pairs. Our signals solution allows you to comply with and replicate the trading activities taken by Investing Partner Ltd' top-performing Trader Team.

Our experts make use of a variety of tools, indicators, systems and also trading strategies to get the very best possible outcomes. A few of these signs consist of support and resistance degrees, relocating standards, candlestick patterns and so on while various other trading methods include hedging, arbitrage, trading the information, rate activity and also market belief as well as trading the reserve banks etc.

Based on these strategies and applying money management techniques, our team of analysts issue forex signals that you can benefit from!

Our team goes over every detail in order to provide you with an easy-to-use forex signals system for a top quality trading experience. You can easily follow our live trading opportunities and copy them to your own trading account.

Some questions you may have:

  • How will I know when a new signal could become active soon?
  • Which currency pair should I be trading?
  • Should I buy or sell, and at what price?


How to read Investing Partner’ Forex Signals?

  • Pair/Instrument:  Check the instrument name and logo in the top bar of the signal box.
  • Status: Check the bottom bar below the Signal Note section (Status can be filled, Active, Cancel, Expire)
    • Active: As long as a signal is active, traders are advised to follow the alert and enter the market!
    • Filled: Signal already closed with profit or loss. 
    • Cancelled: The signal is no longer active rather its cancelled by the trader due to unstable market condition or low movement. 
    • Expired: The pending order not active within the given target time period.
  • Signal Time: This is the time ( Date & Time) when a signal was created. The signal is always published at UTC time zone and we advise you to convert signal time according to your local time zone. 

In the signal page you can set the signal time zone by following the above instruction. Just set the time period ( 24 hours or 12 hours) and set a time zone by checking the drop down menu then save it. This information will be saved in your browser local storage for further use.  

  • Valid Till:  This is the time limit for the signal and after this time signal will expire.
  • Order type: 4 different types of order you can see here.
  1. BUY at: We suggest you place buy order @suggested price level.
  2. Sell at: You can place sell order @suggested price level.
  3. Sell Limit at: Place a pending sell order @suggested price level.
  4. Buy Limit at: Place a pending buy order @suggested price level.
  • Stop Loss:  An automatic exit point to protect your investment. This is the suggested price at which to exit the trade in case the market goes against you. Make sure you apply a stop loss when opening the position in your trading account.
  • Take Profit: This is the suggested target price at which to exit the trade. When the price reaches your take profit order, your position will automatically close. It is recommended that you place a take profit order with every trade to lock in your profit in case the target price is reached.
  • Analysis: Here you can see the signal market analysis given by our expert.
  • Signal Note:  Any special note can be here if our experts think that followers should know it.


Pay Attention! There are 3 different ways for a signal to get closed:

  1. Automatically, by reaching the stop loss level.
  2. Automatically, by reaching the take profit level.
  3. Closing the forex signals manually by our team of analysts – We close the signal if we believe that it is the right timing to exit the market, considering the momentum and other technical/fundamental factors. “The signal has closed manually at xxx price” is the comment displayed in the comments section (right below the entry price).

All of our signals are based on technical analysis of forex (and other) charts, as well as fundamental analysis of economic events and the latest market news.

As you can see, it's not complicated to follow our forex signals. Once a signal appears live on our signals page or once you get an alert on your phone, open a trade at the spot price and apply the specified stop loss and take profit parameters. Sometimes, we issue comments with our signals such as “If the price gets close to our take profit, move the stop loss to breakeven”. In other cases, our analysts may suggest extending the take profit when the trade’s potential increases for whatever technical or fundamental reason.

Having a problem? Don't hesitate to contact us